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Prof.Dr. Hatice Yorulmaz


She completed undergraduate education in Istanbul University Department of Biology, master's degree in Istanbul University Institute of Science and PhD in Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of Basic Sciences Physiology. She became Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology in 2012 and Professor of Physiology in 2018.

Since 2005, she has been conducting Physiology I, II, Medical Biology I, II courses at Haliç University Nursing, Health Sciences and Vocational Schools. She gave physiology lectures at Istanbul Arel University School of Health Sciences between 2010-2012, at Bilgi University Faculty of Health Sciences between 2010-2018 and at Fenerbahçe University Faculty of Health Sciences as of 2019.

In 2010, she worked as the Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department at Haliç University School of Health Sciences. She is the Coordinator of the Scientific Research Projects Unit of Haliç University and the editor of Haliç University Journal of Health Sciences. She worked as a thesis advisor for many graduate students. She took part in 26 projects. Prof. Dr. Hatice Yorulmaz has 36 articles published in international refereed journals, 60 papers presented in international scientific meetings, 11 articles published in national refereed journals, 41 papers presented in national scientific meetings. She attended many courses and seminars related to her field.

She is a member of the Turkish Physiological Sciences Association and the Metabolic Syndrome Association.

The Scientific Research Projects Unit of Istanbul University won the International Science Contribution Awards and the Haliç University 2018-2019 Best Academic Performance Award. During doctorate education, she gained experience in studies in the field of blood-brain barrier. In addition to studies in different fields, he conducts experimental studies to examine the efficacy of agents with therapeutic potential in tissues such as brain, kidney, liver and muscle in rats with hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, sepsis, colitis at tissue and cell level.



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